Freedom from Guilt



Freedom from Guilt Guided Meditation

Free yourself from grief. The Freedom from Guilt Meditation can help resolve grief issues you may have because you didn’t do or say something to or for the loved one who has passed.  There is often guilt when a loved one dies just as we left their room.  The truth is that many people often prefer to die alone so their last moments don’t contribute to  grief.  Others want their loved ones near.  There may be unresolved anger issues that contribute to our guilt.  Sometimes these issues are so profound that we cannot seem to get beyond our grief.  The guilt takes hold of us and may seem unrelenting.  This may be especially difficult if the death was sudden and so much may have been left unsaid.

This meditation will help you to appreciate and validate your loved ones.  Talk out anger issues so they are resolved.  Don’t leave it for another day.

This Freedom from Guilt meditation emphasizes forgiveness of yourself and your loved one so you can get past the feelings that may hold you back from healing.

Anger and Guilt are Powerful during Grief

During the time I was a group grief facilitator at the San Diego Hospice I noticed that anger and guilt were the most powerful emotions that added to those grieving.  People need to vent their feelings and just have you listen, not judge them.  Putting together this powerful guided meditation was my way of responding.  I hope you find it helpful.  My book, Grief comfort Guide, A personal Journey from Loss to LIght, offers more insight into the grieving process.

How to Listen to Hypnosis or Guided Meditation

See my How to Listen to Hypnosis page when you get a hypnosis, guided imagery or guided meditation download.  You don’t need to hear every word.  Quite the contrary, you want the words to flow over you and let your subconscious mind respond.


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