Pass the Court Reporter CSR Exam and Overcome Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety is real. The fear and stress of taking a major test  to become a Court Reporter , pass the BAR. etc. causes us to react with the fight or flight syndrome.  Adrenaline courses through our body causing the muscles to shake and clench. We forget to breathe. Our ability to process information is impeded, and our IQ drops by 10%. Wow! Who needs that when you’re taking an important test?

Test anxiety is nervousness which is really excitement. We like excitement. That’s why we bungee jump, race, sky dive and go on roller coaster rides. It’s thrilling. We like it. But you can’t imagine purposely taking a written test under those circumstances can you?

To conquer test anxiety, you must first learn how to take your excitement level down a notch so you can process incoming information. You must learn how to manage your excitement. And I go into this in detail in hypnosis download.


Court Reporter Test
“Lenay, thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge and expertise with us at Kelsey Jenney.  Your tape was the last thing I listened to before I went down for my “test.”  I PASSED with only 10 errors!  Your calm, soothing and encouraing words made all the difference for me.  Thanks again. Sincerely, Sandra L. Quinn, CSR”

Do you have stiff arms and fingers during a test?  Did you know that stress lowers your IQ by 10 points?  Are you forgetting to breathe?

Do you feel like you are elongating while you are at your machine? Did you know that when you are stressed you can lift a feather and a salt shaker and they both feel like they weigh the same?  You lose your sensitivity, and your ability to process information is impaired.

When my daughter, Nichole, failed to pass the court reporter test and was terribly depressed and dejected. She didn’t even want to think about going to another class and was ready to give up. She was grieving and it lasted a few months until she realized she had come this far so she would go the distance. She told me that her teacher at Kelsey Jenney  court reporting school in San Diego would like me to come and talk to her students. I did that and provided this download to her students. See the testimonial below.

Nichole listened to the suggestions and went on to pass the CSR court reporter test and has been a highly successful court reporter for the past ten years. Let me be clear, the suggestions helped her relax and built her confidence, but it was her high skills and knowledge that allowed her to pass the test.

Court Reporting is a lucrative career, and what she did you can do, too.



Dear Lenay:

My court reporting students and I want to thank you for your presentation on relaxation and visualization techniques for the court reporter. The session was beneficial because it was a perfect balance between an explanation of the theoretical principles and benefits of relaxation and visualization followed by the step-by-step demonstration of how to implement the techniques.

My students used the tapes that you made specifically for them before the state and national tests in November. During that month before the exams, not a day went by that a reference was not made to a technique, a positive message, or an idea from your presentation or the tape. The simple mention of the word “breathe” or an audible deep breath became a powerful reminder, a calming influence, and a unifying force. The positivity of the entire class, including those not even going to the tests, was amplified because we were all focused on the same goals and had faith in the same methods to attain those goals.

Your ability to create positive mental images that related specifically to performing the many required test skills — academic, steno machine, typing, proofing, etc. — opened the door for many successful mental rehearsals before and during the actual tests. Your knowledge of the tasks, your empathy with court reporting training, your understanding of the emotional and psychological dynamics of the test experience, and your nurturing presence all contributed to making you a dynamic influence in developing and maintaining the winner’s mind-set.

You will be pleased to know that 12 students took the state CSR exam in May and 10 of them passed. The overall pass rate for the state will probably be about 50 percent, so we are very proud of the school’s 83 percent pass rate. Of those same 12 students, 9 students took the national RPR exam, and 6 passed. Three of the students were already RPRs.

My students and I consider you an integral part of our recent success. There will be another group going in November and the RPR and CSR candidates hope that you will agree to return for another session of overcoming test anxiety and achieving peak performance.


/s/signed Bonnie Albert

Court Reporting Instructor