Overcoming Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety – Why do we have it and how can we conquer it?

Test Anxiety is real. The fear and stress of taking a major test such as passing the BAR or Real Estate or MBA Exam, becoming a Court Reporter or CPA, causes us to react with the fight or flight syndrome.

Adrenaline courses through our body causing the muscles to shake and clench. We forget to breathe. Our ability to process information is impeded, and our IQ drops by 10%. Wow! Who needs that when you’re taking an important test?

Test anxiety is nervousness which is really excitement. We like excitement. That’s why we bungee jump, race, sky dive and go on roller coaster rides. It’s thrilling. We like it. But you can’t imagine purposely taking a written test under those circumstances, can you?

To conquer test anxiety, you must first learn how to take your excitement level down a notch so you can process incoming information. You must learn how to manage your excitement. And I go into this in detail in the CD.

The purpose of the Overcome Test Anxiety download is to give you some tools to use to be able to relax your muscles and your mind at will and to use positive messages to create success. If you haven’t taken part in a guided visualization or guided meditation before, then you are in for a pleasant experience.

Choose to accept the idea that the mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. If I ask you to close your eye and imagine pressing down and rolling a lemon on a table, then cutting the lemon in half and biting into it with the juices running down your fingers, you may experience a tightness in the glands in your mouth.

Fear and stress can cause hives, sweating, upset stomach and numerous other physical symptoms. We tend to react to our fears as though they are real rather than just a thought form. Most of our fears rarely come to pass.

What is expected tends to be realized. If we neglect to implant positive thoughts, desires and emotions, the subconscious mind will fill in the void with negative thoughts. We create our lives from our thoughts.

You know you have the confidence and skill level to pass these upcoming tests. So how come you have fear when you take the test? You see what I mean.

So what do we do? We use that fantastic 10% of your conscious mind and we REPROGRAM OURSELVES. And we can be enormously successful at doing it. It’s become fashionable today to visualize being successful. Athletes use this tool all the time.

You need to keep reminding yourself consciously that you know you have the confidence and skill level to pass your tests and exams. Also, think of the many tests and exams you have passed and keep that feeling with you. Did you know that the Blue Angle pilots always sit together for one half hour before each show, close their eyes, and fly their planes in their minds.

Stress and tension lowers your IQ by ten points. You cannot tell the difference in weight between a feather and a salt shaker. Just think of how much of your energy goes into keeping your muscles tense and tight. You lose your sensitivity and ability to process information is impaired.


  • Expect your achievement.
  • Relieve stress before and during your tests
  • You are an achiever
  • You’re ready to step forward into a new, exciting and lucrative career
  • Most of you have already mastered your self talk .
  • You will learn to relax the tension from your muscles and mind.
  • You will visualize yourself successfully passing your tests.
  • Breathe. Breathing is an excellent tranquilizer. You can do it anywhere. You can never overdose on air. It’s free.
  • Bring moisture into your mouth. It’s very important when you are stressed to keep your mouth moist. Think of a lemon and bring saliva into your mouth or suck on a mint.
  • Get that feeling of expectancy.
  • Expect to pass.
  • Think of the many tests you have passed and keep that feeling with you.
  • You have been succeeding over and over again
  • You know you have the confidence and skill level to pass this test.