Pass the Court Reporter Test with Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques



Pass the Court Reporter Test with Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques.

Listen to  hypnosis suggestions before you take the Court Reporter test as an aid to help you pass it. Stress from the test can make your arms and fingers stiff and make you forget to breathe. Do you feel like you are elongating while at your machine when you take a test? Did you know that when you are stressed you can lift a feather and a salt shaker and they both feel like they weigh the same?  When stressed about taking the Court Reporter Test you lose your sensitivity, and your ability to process information is impaired.  Stress from test taking  can even lower your IQ  by 10 points.  Listen to this download each day for seven days before you take your test to make the suggestions more profound and stay with you.

You Have Passed the Test Before.

Remember, you’ve practiced and taken similar tests many times now and passed them so you can pass this one too.   However the Court Reporter test is so important because you cannot get a job unless you pass it.  And then you have to wait six months to take it again which is demoralizing.  Here is a link for CSR Exam dates.

Here is What You Can Expect when you Listen to Pass the Court Reporter Test with Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques:

You will remember to breath and stomp out stress before you even take the test.  Your awareness and confidence will be high.  You keep your mind on the end result of working as a court reporter.  Your thoughts create your life. What you say to yourself about yourself in private is what you become, so think positively. Fake it till you make it just means that your thinking creates your life so take advantage of thinking Big. Believe it.  Become it.

How to Listen to Hypnosis or Guided Meditation

See my How to Listen to Hypnosis page when you get a hypnosis, guided imagery or guided meditation download.  You don’t need to hear every word.  Quite the contrary, you want the words to flow over you and let your subconscious mind respond.


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