Build Confidence



Confidence is stepping into your star power.  Just do it.  Keep a picture in your mind of being a confident person and watch your self talk.  What you say to yourself about yourself in private is what you become.  Think big.  A Broadway star said she would apply for a part and all of the people in the casting room looked like her and sang like her more or less.  She wasn’t getting chosen and decided it wasn’t about what she looked like or sounded like, but what she presented.  So she put her shoulders back, stood straight and stepped forward into her star power.  Suddenly she received offers all the time.

This hypnosis download will support you in building your confidence and feeling good about yourself.  Listen to it every day for 21 days to create a confidence habit.  You will notice a difference right away, but the more you listen to it the stronger the suggestions will become.


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