Relaxation with Hypnosis



Our Need for Relaxation

With so much information coming from our phones, internet, and social media it is no wonder we are stressed.  Conflicting news, politics and news at large from the world with it conflicts and wars can wear us down.  We may have a long drive to work.  Then we deal with coworkers and emergencies that come up and traffic going home.  Then we must deal with family and all their needs and concerns. Whew! We need some quiet time to just relax out the stress from the day.  We need relaxation.

Hypnosis Creates Healing Endorphins

When the outside world seems too much, you can create endorphins and enhance your immune system with hypnosis and experience a feeling of euphoria.  Hypnosis is like a Spa Day for your Soul.

Learn More About Hypnosis

See our About Hypnosis Page and on the bottom is a PowerPoint that explains what hypnosis really is and how it can benefit you.

How to Listen to Hypnosis or Guided Meditation

See my How to Listen to Hypnosis page when you get a hypnosis, guided imagery or guided meditation download.  You don’t need to hear every word.  Quite the contrary, you want the words to flow over you and let your subconscious mind respond.




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