Hypnosis Puts You in Charge of your Weight Loss, Not Your Scale



Stop Overeating, Late Night and Binge Eating

The Abstinence Habit hypnosis with guided imagery and visualization will help you create the habit to stop random eating, eating between meals, eating late at night, overeating or binge eating.  It will also help stop sugar cravings and uncontrolled snacking and help you put your fork down during a meal. This download is also helpful for those in Overeaters Anonymous  (link for San Diego, CA) and can be used together with any weight loss program.

You will learn how to control the cravings and urges you never could control before, finally getting control of the weight gain to stop going up, up, up before you go down. I recommend that this download be listened to daily for twenty-one (21) days and longer to create and reinforce the new habit of effortlessly letting go of eating after dinner and between meals.

You will no longer respond automatically to food triggers and you will choose to eat only moderate planed meals and snacks.  (Moderate is neither too much nor too little.  It is satisfying but never stuffed.)

What Doctors Say about Hypnosis and Weight Loss

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is significantly greater weight loss for people treated with hypnosis and behavior therapy.  It suggests that hypnosis plus motivation, support and a proper eating plan is a better treatment for obesity than diet itself.

Hypnosis for weight loss lets you accept powerful suggestions to make a habit of food preparation without white-flour starch, sugar and high simple carbohydrates, and choose instead plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

These hypnosis suggestions work with any diet on the market and let you do the following

Accept suggestions to eat slow, chew well, put your fork down and take your hand off.

Accept powerful suggestions for increasing physical activity and learning how to relax.

Visualize and feel yourself as slender, fit and healthy.

Build a good body image and realize that you are not your body.  The way we look is not who we are.  Become comfortable with who you are in the body you have and stop the struggle.

Commit to giving yourself 8 weeks to listen to this download and notice the difference in how you look and feel so you will be motivated to continue until you reach your desired goal weight.

Put yourself in control, not your scale

Listening to this hypnosis for weight loss  download actually transforms your relationship with food.  It changes your thinking, making you totally and completely responsible for your nutrition, what you weigh, and what you are actually creating in your life and no longer being a victim…no longer feeling helpless and out of control.

Are you feeling discouraged, depressed and dejected about your weight?  You will be able to regain lost self esteem and self confidence so you feel good about yourself again.

You will learn to stop overeating, binge eating, eating between meals, snacking, eating after dinner and eating at night.  And you will  create the Habit of preparing meals with low starch and sugar (low glycemic) foods as you keep your blood sugar from dropping so you don’t get hungry.

You will have more energy even as you find you are more peaceful and able to handle stress better enabling you to be effective in achieving and maintaining a slender, healthy body and learn tools for relaxation and positive expectation to deal with life issues.

Let go of the struggle. Stop the battle. You deserve to be Forever Slender!  You deserve to get your body in balance and remove cravings for sugar foods, snacking, overeating and eating late at night. You deserve to be at your ideal weight and feel good about yourself, regaining your self esteem and confidence. And you deserve to feel peaceful around food and what you weigh.  Put yourself in control, not your scale.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that can occur spontaneously such as when you miss your freeway exit because you weren’t paying attention.  See our PowerPoint presentation on our About Hypnosis page.

Surprisingly for a natural state, there are many myths people believe. Did you know that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis? That the consciousness never disappears, it just moves aside? That when you are in a hypnotic state you are not asleep? (in fact you are more aware than ever.) That you don’t go under hypnosis and no one else can control you?

So what are some other pluses hypnosis affords?

  • Hypnosis lets you experience mental, physical and emotional relaxation. There is a feeling of euphoria because you are in a healing mode.
  • While stress depletes your immune system, hypnosis creates immune-enhancing hormones.
  • All five physical senses are heightened.
  • You become receptive to changing your behavior.
  • You can be unfazed by noises and other external stimuli.
  • A past event can be recalled so vividly that it seems real.
  • There is no spell to be broken. If you don’t like what you hear or the hypnotist, you can just open your eyes and end the session.


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