The Mesmerizing Sound of Marie

Warm, Knowledgeable, Sincere, Sensual

Marie Lenay Rogus offers exceptional voice over results from her professional San Diego recording studio.

My voice is conversational, smooth, friendly, professional,  warm, fluid and articulate. My voice age is 30 and up and my natural speaking voice is easy and informative. With a fun, upbeat, caring personality, I can easily convey fun, sadness, gentleness, authority and inspiration. The dialects I’m most familiar with are British, Russian, Brooklyn and southern. I love to narrate and get into character creations like my young British boy and French bunny.

As an actress and voice over professional,
Marie is available for many different types of voice projects:






Marie Lenay Rogus has a warm, knowledgeable, sincere, sensual, soothing and funny voice. 



  • Such a Voice  – Voice Over Training 2019
  •  Voice Over Weekly training with James Alburger -one year
  • Acting training – various teachers in Hollywood
  • Vocal Opera Training – Lois Chepparo 

Acting Experience:

  • Repertory company in Hollywood for seven years
  • 40 musical performances of each play throughout southern California at all prisons, military bases and some hospitals
  • Dialects:  British, Russian, Brooklyn
  •  Looping – Twentieth Century Fox
Hypnotist, numerologist, metaphysical practitioner, secretary, shorthand, Speaker, Meditation, paralegal

Home Studio

  • Audition Software with Punch Roll
  • 36 hours of audio engineering training Studio West in San Diego

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